Mt. Juliet Schools

Are you looking to move to Mt. Juliet? A somewhat out-of-the-way city to be found in western Wilson County, Tennessee, and on the outskirts of Nashville – abut 17 miles east of downtown Nashville to be precise. Sounds like a great place? Good to hear. Let’s get to educational prospects. Mt. Juliet was founded in 1972, and has seen a large population and business growth over the last 10 years or so. It now has over 31,000 residents calling it home. Unsurprisingly it has a good deal of educational opportunities.

Mt. Juliet High School

The principal of Mt. Juliet High School is Beverly Sharpe. The school used to be on Mt. Juliet Road, but moved from the building there to a new one at 1875 Golden Bear Gateway, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122. As a high school, Mt. Juliet High School’s mission is to prepare their students to become prosperous residents of the future. Mt. Juliet High School holds equality in high regard, and teaches patience and self-esteem to further this. Everyone in the school community is their own unique individual, playing their own unique part in each class. The athletics department is thoroughly talented and a pleasure to watch. Varying sports are available, depending on the season; just about anything that could reasonably appear in a high school is probably there at some point.

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Mt. Juliet Elementary

Is your child not of age to enter high school just yet? No need to worry. Mt. Juliet Elementary has you covered. They can be found at 2521 W Division Street, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122. They strive to help students be successful; they are fortunate in this regard to have efficient and talented teachers, administrators, and support staff. As of currently, there are 1,182 expertly qualified teachers and administrators employed at Mt. Juliet Elementary.

Mt. Juliet Christian Academy

If you feel that the word of God is important, consider the Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, located at 735 N Mt. Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 inside the First Baptist Church. The church and its accompanying school can be found on approximately 54 acres of land less than a mile from Interstate 40. Their doors were first opened in 1979, supporting first through third grade. Another class was added each year until 1989, the year of the first class’s graduation. The school currently has 580 students enrolled anywhere from classes for seniors to 1-year-olds.

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