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Providing Quality & Affordable Heating & AC Repair in Wilson County and the surrounding counties in Tennessee

Brock Heating and Air is the best HVAC contractor in Mt. Juliet. We are a family-owned and operated company for several years. The number one reason that sets us apart from different contractors is our work ethic and values. Our customers are treated like family and will get our very best crew members who will ensure the project is done in a timely manner and to perfection. We can replace, repair, or install any item regarding your heating or air unit. Give us a call today and we will come out for free and give you the best prices on the estimate!

HVAC Repair Services

  • AC Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Heating Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • HVAC Installation

Everyone knows even the best and top-quality air machines can need repairing or replacing. With our top-quality filter replacement or complex coil cleaning, we can prolong the life of your system. Your job is to just give us a call and sit back and watch your system be fixed within a couple of hours.

Whenever the winter season rolls around, your heating unit should be looked at by a professional to ensure you have heat during those cold winter days. The last thing you want is a broken radiator in the low temperature. Here at Brock Heating and Air, we will make sure you never go without heat again!

The Best HVAC Service in Mt. Juliet, TN

Experienced Help from Our Licensed HVAC Technicians

Brock Heating & Air takes pride in the fact that their rates are the lowest in the entire town. However, our quality of work is still top-notch. From the best trained professional to the best services any HVAC contractor can offer, we have got you covered. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Air Conditioning / Heating

We can provide:
  • Minor repairs to air conditioning and heating systems
  • Coil cleaning of condensers and air handlers
  • Filter changes
  • Recharge air conditioner
  • Package unit replacement
  • Split system replacement
  • Heat exchanger replacement
  • Thermostats replacement & upgrade
  • Ductless A/C installment (mini split ac)
  • Oil burner service

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Top Air Conditioning Contractor offering AC Installation & Repair for Mt. Juliet, TN

Get the Best Air Conditioning Service for your home or business by choosing the AC Company that is dedicated to your satisfaction

  • ac contractors with the knowledge and experience to get the job the 1st time
  • We can help with both central air repairs and mini split or ductless ac units
  • air conditioning maintenance is important to keep your unit working at top efficiency

Exceptional AC Service tailored to your needs

Regular maintenance visits are a must if you want your heating and air system to run properly and for an extended period of time. Schedule an appointment for Brock Heating and Air to come out to your home and examine it. There are different service plans that are offered to help accommodate every single customer and their needs.

AC Service Brock Heating & Air Mt. Juliet TN

AC Maintenance Benefits:
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Peace of mind that your equipment is operating normally at time of service

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Expert Heating Contractor in Mt. Juliet, TN

Choose the Most Reliable of the Heating Companies in Wilson County

Furnace contractors dedicated to providing superior service

At Brock Heating and Air, every member is a highly trained professional in the field. We have certifications that allow us to handle all the different equipment that is needed throughout the projects. Our crew members will offer you great advice regarding your air and heat system that will help you save time and money. They will ensure your home or business is ready for any season!

Heating System Installation and Replacement Services

No one wants to replace their entire heating unit, but several companies will talk you into doing so solely for their own benefit. However, we will not do that; instead, we will share our tips on how you can extend the life of your unit. But in the case you do require a new unit, let us be the ones that handle this big project! We will do right by you.

Our trained professionals are up for any heating or air project that you may require. Since these are often expensive and big projects, we want you to be able to trust us. We will do our very best to show you that every customer is truly like family to us and we will go beyond the HVAC projects to show that. For any more information regarding us, give us a call today!

Heating Contractor Brock Heating & Air Mt. Juliet TN

As Heating Specialist we can help with:

  • Heating repair
  • Gas heater repair
  • Furnace service including gas furnace or natural gas furnace repair
  • Gas furnace installation that is fast and reliable

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About Mt.Juliet TN

The city of Mt. Juliet is located in western Wilson County, Tennessee – more precisely, on the outskirts on Nashville, about 17 miles east of downtown. It was established in 1835, and was joined as a city in 1972. The name may sound odd, and there’s many a theory behind it. One of the most popular holds that it was named after Mount Juliet Estate. The estate, curiously enough, was a mansion house in Ireland – County Kilkenny specifically. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mt. Juliet is the only U.S. city with such a name. Speaking of cities, Mt. Juliet offers a great deal of recreational opportunities. Consider giving the Juro Stables a visit; or perhaps the Nashville Shores. If you’re looking for amusement, they have that too, in the self-explanatory Wave Country Amusement Park. If you have musical or historical tastes instead, Mt. Juliet hosts the Country Music Hall of Fame and Music Valley Wax Museum. The Mount Juliet Powwow also attracts plenty of tourists each and every year.

If you should find yourself wanting to move to Mt. Juliet, consider visiting the following educational places: Volunteer State Community College, Vanderbilt University, David Lipscomb University, and Belmont University. The food is exotic but (unlike some other places) still high-quality. Take Cooking Around Town, for instance. It’s quite the favorite of the locals, to be found at 120 Providence Trail Suite 1105, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122. Meals there are clean and well-prepared from solely organic and/or all-natural ingredients, with oil and butter not even a consideration – that’s how thoroughly the food isn’t cooked with those. Take-out available. The food is always fresh, and thankfully the restaurant doesn’t propagate the travesty of using pre-made frozen food. Cooking Around Town serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Next up, we have the aptly-named Candied Rib Company. Located at 3560 N Mt. Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122. Their specialty is barbecue – and the fare is anything but boring, at that. Their food comes only from local farms, featuring such things as beef, pork, and (oddly enough) hydroponic lettuce – and the menu’s altered by the day, too. Last on the list we have Cinco De Mayo. They’re a Mexican restaurant at 580 Nonaville Rd #2446, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122. As for their menu, they’ve been serving fresh, quality Mexican food around Middle Tennessee since 2000. They strive to use fresh ingredients and maintain authenticity, alongside a pleasant environment and comfort for potential customers.

Here at Brock Heating & Air, we understand the need to have a good HVAC contractor in Mt. Juliet. Call today!

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