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When the summer heat starts soaring, a properly installed cooling system is so vital! It reduces the temperature, lowers humidity, and gives you the amazing relief of chilled air you need. 

Preventative maintenance for your central air system through regular service visits is an important and basic part of keeping your cooling system performing at its best. We offer a premium HVAC maintenance service plan designed to protect the investment you’ve made in your HVAC system. Not only does this plan help avoid costly repairs and reduce energy costs, but it also provides you with priority status should an emergency repair surface.

AC Maintenance Benefits:
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Peace of mind that your equipment is operating normally at time of service

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    Did you know that the quality of your home’s air unit could unknowingly be causing long-term health issues to you and your family? Making sure that your Indoor Air Quality is up to standard can be critical for your health, that’s why our HVAC professional technicians inspect and clean the existing ventilation and ductwork of your home to ensure the air you are breathing in is good quality. We look for irritants such as allergens, pet dander, mold, carbon monoxide,  nitrogen dioxide, pesticides, chemicals, excessive humidity, and many other things. If you or your family is suffering from poor Indoor Air Quality you might have yearlong symptoms like headaches, fatigue, allergies, congestion, dryness of eyes, shortness of breath, and much more. Take care of your health by taking care of the air in your home.

    We would love nothing more than to provide your family with the comfort they deserve, that’s why we perform repairs and installations of several different A/C units. In a perfect world, you should have your A/C’s filters, coils, and fins inspected once a year. This is to ensure your A/C is functioning correctly and efficiently during those hot summer months. If you opt to not have a yearly maintenance check for your A/C, it could lead to many problems including having to purchase a new unit mid-summer in a rush and having to endure the scorching heat. To avoid this situation, it is best to have an Air HVAC professional come out for a service call. This can save you money and discomfort in the long hot days of summer! Do you feel as though your current A/C unit is not performing properly? Contact us to speak with a professional about which A/C system would be best for you and your family.

    We offer Air Conditioning Repair Service for all Brands

    When your air conditioner or cooling system goes out, you worry about everything that comes along with it: time, scheduling, cost, property damage, and just the general hassle, stress, and headache it brings to your life. That’s why we strive to give our customers fast, professional, and cost-effective services. Our knowledge, experience, and dedication minimize the inconvenience that might otherwise come with the experience.

    Have an HVAC problem? At Brock Heating & Air, we’re experienced in handling a wide range of HVAC repair needs. Only the highest quality parts in air conditioning equipment will be used to fix your system.

    We offer air conditioning repairs on all makes and models of AC equipment. We offer fast, dependable, and reliable air conditioning repair services as well as fair and competitive pricing. No waiting around in a stuffy, sweltering hot house – we will get your system back on track ASAP.

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