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Expert Advice From the Local HVAC Specialists

It’s important to understand what issues you may have before scheduling HVAC maintenance work. During our initial consultation, Brock Heating and Air, LLC can answer any questions that you may have. But if you’d like to learn more about your HVAC system, this guide will help you!

Available HVAC Systems

The five main types of HVAC systems are the following:

  • Split systems. With this system, components are located both inside and outside of the property. These components usually include a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump, ducts and evaporator coil. Heated or cooled air moves through the property via ductwork.
  • Hybrid heat systems. Similar to a traditional split system, components are located both inside and outside, and they typically combine a gas furnace and electric heat pump. With a variable speed blower, they can provide both heated and cooled air.
  • Geothermal heat pumps. Unlike traditional heat pumps, air is pumped through the ground and used to heat or cool a home.
  • Ductless split systems. If you don’t have ductwork, then a ductless or mini-split system might be a good choice for you. They feature different components that work together, for example, a heat pump and a wall unit.
  • Packaged systems. If you don’t have a lot of space, packaged systems are a good choice. They use both AC units and heat pumps to heat or cool a property.

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