Tips for Efficiency

Improve Your HVAC System’s Efficiency With These Tips

Improving your home’s energy efficiency offers a number of benefits. If you’re curious about ways to increase home efficiency, check out the following tips from a local HVAC specialist.

How to Improve System Efficiency

If you want your property to consume less energy so you can reduce your energy bills, follow these tips.

  • Leave the AC system turned on. Most people believe that if they turn off their AC system when they are away, that will save them money. This is far from the truth. If you leave your air conditioning system turned off for a long period of time, your entire home will get too hot. This means that when you turn your AC system back on, it will take much longer to cool down your home, increasing your energy bills.
  • Don’t close your vents or doors. You may not want your bedroom super-hot at night in winter, so you may close the vents in that room. Unfortunately, for air to flow evenly throughout the home, doors and vents must remain open. The rule that you should follow is to keep less than 10% of your vents closed.
  • Change filters when they’re dirty. Most homeowners do not regularly inspect their filters, but it is an important maintenance step. Dirty filters reduce airflow and decrease efficiency. You should check your filters about once every three months and change them as needed.
  • Properly maintain your system. The number one reason why HVAC systems fail is due to lack of maintenance. Regularly maintaining your system will increase its overall lifespan and ensure that it stays efficient, year in and year out.

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