Fiddlers Grove Historic Village in Lebanon

Lebanon is the county seat of Wilson County, Tennessee, United States. It is located in Middle Tennessee, and about 25 miles east of downtown Nashville. Lebanon got to its largest population of 38,695 in 2021. The city was first founded in 1801, and it got its name from the biblical cedars of Lebanon.Fiddlers Grove Historic Village is a fairground in Lebanon, Tennessee. It is very well known and is located at 945 E Baddour Pkwy, Lebanon, TN 37087. When you visit this historic village, it will allow you to be taken back in time as you walk through the Grove and experience people’s lives. You will realize that it is a normal early village where people lived in a one-room log cabin, got taught in a one-room school, and worshiped in a small ancient church. You have the ability to visit a blacksmith’s shop where cooking utensils and farm equipment were invented. Visit a doctor’s office while you are there and see the carriage he used to make calls to those in need considerably far away. View an old-fashioned cobbler’s shop and see a 1700’s log cabin and grain mill. You can step directly into Sam Houston’s law office and see Houston sitting at his table in front of the fireplace.

 There is also a funeral, sheriff’s office service station, radio station, jail, drug store, post office, hardware store, barbershop, sawmill, farm equipment museum, printing office, model train museum, caboose, and train station to all viewers. Stop by the General Store during your visit for a cold drink and rest in a rocking chair on the front porch before you stop by the feed and seed store. As you enjoy the path you will see many small gardens with old plants and pretty flowers tended to by the Master Gardeners as well as many other gardeners. You should plan to visit and stay awhile in Lebanon so you can take in all that the Grove has to offer! There are over fifty-five buildings that serve as the entire Wilson County area and every building has a different story. Brock Heating and Air are pleased to be able to offer services like their HVAC repair to Lebanon Tennessee.

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