Hendersonville TN Museums

Hendersonville is the largest city in Sumner County, Tennessee, and is located on Old Hickory Lake. Hendersonville was established around 1784 by Daniel Smith when he began work on his Rock Castle. Hendersonville is also the home of several different museums and history centers that tourists and visitors enjoy seeing. Another one is Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center it is Sumner County’s first arts museum of its kind. It is considered to be an inspiring addition to Greater Nashville’s Arts and Museums community. They want to collect, preserve, and display local and regional art, and present it internationally. History, arts, and education is an ever-present promise to the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center. The MACC is located in a very charming and historic mansion on Gallatin Road in Hendersonville. It was previously known as Hendersonville Arts Council and continues to be changed into a beautiful art gallery and museum. It is set up and arranged to display a spot in the area for those who are interested in visual and performing arts.

Monthaven was the first part of about 640 acres that were given to Henry Rule for service in the Revolutionary War. It was built in the early 1800s and used as a Civil War hospital. The mansion was named Liberty Hall when LB Fite took it over after the war. Around 1936, it was bought by a Nashville businessman named Mont Bliss Comer. He used it as his “getaway” and it was quickly named “Monts Haven.” After Mont’s death, his family moved into the mansion and later sold it in the 1980s to a company that was growing and the name was given over to the city of Hendersonville to be used for their arts. The Historic Rock Castle to this today is the oldest home in Middle Tennessee. Nashville Historic Rock Castle is located around 25 minutes from downtown. It is an 18-acre, beautiful historic site that overlooks the scenery of Old Hickory Lake. Historic Rock Castle is actually considered to be one of the first permanent homes and is also the oldest building. You can find it listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Middle Tennessee. People enjoy visiting here and taking their detailed tours. Brock Heating & Air is an Air Conditioning Contractor in Hendersonville

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