Preparing Your HVAC to Go from Winter to Summer

If you are starting to get ready for spring cleaning, you may want to show some care to your HVAC system maintenance. This is something that most homeowners overlook, and it is also one of the most important things within the HVAC system that you need to pay attention to.

Prepare Your A.C. for Summer Heat

As the snow days start to disappear, there are several things that you should do to get your HVAC system ready for the warmer days ahead:

AC check-up – A professional check is one of the best things to be sure your AC is efficiently cooling, and a needed air conditioning maintenance task. A well-trained professional will check your condensation line, drip pan, coils, evaporator, blower, and other system connections. Replacing parts before the warmest weather hits can prevent failure within the performance or expensive problems later in the summer.

Filter – Change your filter in your air conditioning system and set a schedule for regular filter changes throughout the summer. If you aren’t quite sure what kind of filters are needed for your system, talk to a technician during your yearly AC check-up.

Some homeowners also prefer to cover their outdoor air conditioner condensers to keep them from freezing winters. Before you completely switch over to AC you want to remove any covers, blankets, or lids, and check the units outside around your house for debris or damage. If you turn the system on with a cover still on it, it can majorly damage the system. If you simply change your filter it will extend the life and efficiency of your air. If you consider getting an upgrade to a more energy-efficient version, our technicians can give you more help with your options.

As the temperature rises and air conditioners get turned on, furnaces are no longer run until chilly weather returns. You can save some time and maybe even some money by having a professional check your furnace or heating system before you forget. Technicians are trained to be able to address your problems that could dodge safety hazards during the summer or expensive bills when it’s time to turn back on the heat. Once you’ve done all of the tasks to prepare for summer, turn on your AC to make sure air is flowing from the vents. You will want to do these tests earlier in the spring on a warm day when you have enough time to be sure the airflow is good every few hours. If the air is not cool, you’ll need to turn off the AC at the thermostat and be sure that you’ve followed the other tips. However, just because you can do all of the tasks to prep your system for spring and summer, nothing will fully replace professional HVAC system servicing. Spring is a perfect time to book your annual maintenance. As a result of a maintenance appointment, you can be confident in knowing your system is in order or, if a problem happens to come up, you will have time to fix the problem before summer.

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