How Insulation Affects Your HVAC System

Proper insulation is very important when it comes to your HVAC system, but you may be wondering how the insulation affects your system. You can find insulation in storage places, walls, windows, doors, attics, and flooring. Insulation is like a wall that works to keep heat from leaving your house. So many people don’t typically think about their insulation or having to keep up with the maintenance of it. For most people that own homes, it is not in their sight and they completely forget it even exists. However, your home’s insulation is very important to keep a cozy home and assist your heat and air conditioning do what it needs. When it is installed the correct way, the material allows you to enjoy the same temperatures throughout each of the seasons. But, when your insulation starts to get worn out or gets ruined over time you will most likely start to notice it in the performance of your air conditioner or heat. Insulation that has faults in it can also change the levels of humidity in places like your attic, and over a certain amount of time, this will, unfortunately, lead to mold and mildew problems.

How Insulation Affects Your HVAC System

There are several ways that insulation helps with the way your HVAC runs:

Locks in Temperatures – like it was previously mentioned, insulation keeps heat from escaping your home, which makes it an even more important part of your HVAC system during the wintertime. Insulation also plays an important role during the summer and keeps the cold air conditioning from getting out into the warm outside air. Even though it may be impossible to keep from losing some heat and air through slight crevices and holes in your home, you can decrease the great amount of air loss by having certain insulation

Increases Savings – Air loss is pretty popular when you are managing your HVAC system. It averages to be around 20-30% of heat and air that is lost in homes in America. When air leaves your house your HVAC system will have to work even more to restore the heated or cooled air to make sure the whole home is a consistent temp, and that results in not so lovely bills to pay. If you have the proper insulation around your home you will see more consistency and averaging all year which means each season you will have utility bills that are lower and still have a cozy home.

Upgrades Property Worth – Insulation can be worn due to several reasons over some time. You may experience water damage, pest problems, rodents, and more. You want to know that you are not experiencing any of these problems that could possibly lower the value of your home.

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