Getting Your AC System and Home Ready for Summer

If you’ve been paying close attention to the calendar, you may have noticed that summer isn’t too far away. While it’s still a month or two before the solstice, things often start heating up well before the solstice comes around, depending on where you live. With that in mind, what’s next to do in your home maintenance checklist? Making sure your AC and your home itself are ready for summertime, because things are heating up.

When To Call?

Unless you’re a person committed to doing things yourself and know very well what you’re doing, it’s generally better and less risky to call in one of our professionals to help. Professional AC maintenance is something that every home needs, on a regular basis. Maintenance to your AC should best be done in the spring, when it won’t be needed as much, which is why you should call soon, if you haven’t already.

Why To Maintain?

You already know that if you don’t take your car for oil changes, it’ll eventually stop working. Similar principles apply to your AC. Here’s some reasons why to have a professional give your AC a once-over and correct any problems they find (hopefully there aren’t any, but in practice that rarely happens).
Summer doesn’t let up: it’s often said of the summer sun that it beats on your back, and that’s more literal than figurative. Summer’s heat is unrelenting, and you definitely want a working AC when it starts in earnest.
Skipping maintenance hurts your budget: in general, for every year that your AC goes without professional maintenance, its efficiency drops by approximately 5%. That may not sound like much, but it quickly adds up. And the worse the efficiency gets, the longer your AC spends running to produce the same effect, which pushes your energy bill higher.
Emergency repairs are costly: if you aren’t on top of your AC maintenance appointments, it may end up breaking down all of a sudden on one of the hottest days of the year. Not only is that uncomfortable, but emergency repairs are quite painful on the budget.

With that said, we at Brock Heating & Air hope we’ve helped you today. Have questions? Give us a call and we’ll be glad to see what we can do.

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