Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter Now

Many people like sledding in the snow when winter comes; some prefer skiing or snowboarding. It’s sometimes said that snowflakes are a very interesting subject. However, no one said that heating problems are fun, because they aren’t. Snow is all very well, but you’ll want somewhere to warm up after the day’s play is done. And there’s no way to do that if your heating isn’t working right. In this article, we’ll be covering how best to prepare your HVAC system for winter.

Maintenance Appointments

It’s quite possible you may be able to fix an HVAC problem yourself. Even so, calling in a service technician from your HVAC company is a good idea. When should you be calling them in? Spring and fall – the two seasons your AC and/or heating are needed the least. Before they arrive you’ll probably want to go around checking for anything odd yourself; that way there’s less time wasted. At Brock Heating & Air we’re proud to say that our technicians have the best experience in the business.

On Or Off?

While you’ll definitely want to have a functioning heating system during the winter, having the heat constantly running will amount to a seriously expensive energy bill – not something you’re really looking forward to. Therefore on days when the heat doesn’t need to be running, set your thermostat so that it doesn’t run during the day, but will still run when nighttime (and colder temperatures) sets in.

Some thermostats may support some form of wi-fi connectivity allowing them to be controlled from a computer or similar device; equally, some may have an app for your mobile phone serving the same purpose. The two could easily be combined, as well. The exact method of how you handle energy efficiency depends on your house and your thermostat.

Hot And Cold

If you live in a multi-story home, a situation in which the higher stories are warm and the lower ones are cold is all too common. One way to combat this is with climate zones. An older way to do this is to close some vents on the second or higher floors, forcing your HVAC system to direct more air to the lower stories of your home. Newer HVAC units may support having a professional from your HVAC company install a climate zone system and its accompanying wireless sensors; this solution is somewhat more modern and may be easier to use.

Grains Of Salt

We’ve set out our best tips here, but there are certainly other ways to do things. Take what we’ve said with a grain of salt. Our technicians are an experienced bunch, but we don’t claim to be the best in the world. At Brock Heating & Air we’re committed to quality and learning from our mistakes. If you think we missed something, call us and we’ll check what you think is wrong.

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