White House Arboretum

If you are living in White House, TN, you must check out the White House Arboretum and Bamboo Groves. Many people do not know what an arboretum is so for those who do not know, it is a botanical collection composed exclusively of trees. The White House Arboretum and Bamboo Groves is truly one of the best spots to visit in all of Middle Tennessee and arguably the entire state! If you are interested in visiting, check out the rest of this article. 

Randy and Carolyn Allen are the owners of this arboretum. They fully fund the White House Arboretum and Bamboo Groves; therefore, there is no admissions fee. If you are looking for activities that are free, make sure to check this botanical collection out! A little bit more about this arboretum is that there are many types of trees and bamboo plants from all around the world. Because of this, it creates an unique and interesting collection. For those who are wondering how all these different plants are kept alive, there are different exhibits and climate settings for special types of trees or bamboos. If a cooling unit was to malfunction, it could be detrimental. In White House, the HVAC repair services are phenomenal and will get the job done! This arboretum’s owner Randy Allen is the glue that holds it together. He started this arboretum from the ground up. He has documented the history of growing trees and bamboos since the mid 1960s.
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In fact since 1966, Randy Allen has studied, written papers, recorded data, drawn illustrations, and taken hundreds of photos regarding the trees and bamboos. Randy has also written and published a book. He is also a part of the American Bamboo Society. The owners are the biggest reason why this unique place thrives as much as it does.