About Springfield TN

Springfield is a city and it is the county seat of Robertson County, which is found in Middle Tennessee on the northern border of the state. It is located at 36°29′58″N 86°52′43″W. Tennessee was acknowledged as the western territory of North Carolina back in the days of Thomas Kilgore’s arrival. The area that holds Robertson County today would later become a piece of Tennessee County. After the very first General Assembly of Tennessee, they were able to authorize a county seat for Robertson County by calling it the name “Springfield” in 1796. The town was founded in 1798, but it was not incorporated until 1819. The outline plan for this new Springfield included 50 acres which provided space for a public square, 10 streets, and 66 lots to be sold to the community at the price of $8 each.

Their very first established courthouse was crafted out of hand-hewn logs. The city’s current population is more than 16,000 and to this day it continues to grow rapidly. With it being located 30 miles to the north, Springfield is just a 30-minute drive to downtown Nashville, which is the state capital and “Music City U.S.A.” Nashville draws in plenty of people each year and it is very widely populated. With it being a totally serviced city that offers all of the simple local government duties to its citizens, Springfield easily attracts outside visitors. They manage their own electric and natural gas company systems, water and wastewater orders, and hygiene arrangements for residential and little profitable customers. The Robertson county museum is a favorite place to visit for people looking to seek amusement. Garner St. park is also a favorite for the younger children who appreciate playgrounds. The Martin Luther king jr. park is a major favorite water park for families and has good reviews. Brock Heating and Air are proud to be able to locally offer their services as a HVAC Contractor to Springfield Tennessee.

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